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Hello my name is Maria Day. Welcome to my website and the opportunity to embark on a wonderful journey towards wholeness.

I am an Energy Healer and Tarot Practitioner offering services in London and online. I am a certified Practitioner in the Emotion and Body Code, an experienced Tarot and Soul Plan Reader, and Reiki Master Practitioner and Trainer. Along with my training as a Psychotherapist and Executive Coach I am qualified to provide you with a deeper and broader perspective to your healing journey in a creative and holistic way.

My healing journey has and continues to be a remarkable experience one which involves ongoing learning about myself and how I can help others to live a pain-free, emotionally balanced and abundant life.

My Soul Destiny is to teach others and to share knowledge. Having experienced the differences the above approaches have made in my life, I now want to share them with you.

The Body Code

The Body Code is an extraordinary healing tool. My personal experience is the complete elimination of long-term pain and various other ailments that have held me back from living life to the full. Using The Body Code released a deep Heart Wall, which has vastly improved how I relate to myself, loved ones and friends. The Body Code has been instrumental in freeing me from the ties of a salaried 9-5 job and given me the confidence to build a business close to my heart.

The whole approach is gentle and non-invasive, aimed at accessing your subconscious, which controls the vast majority of our human functions. The often untapped memory bank holds vital healing information that has not reached our significantly smaller conscious awareness. Among many other uses The Body Code releases pain, reduces depression and anxiety, identifies and removes trauma, and reveals offensive energies such as entities, curses and energy cords that can block our path to healing and success. The Body Code identifies and removes underlying causes of obsessive thinking and behaviour, addictions and disturbances in the meridians that affect our immune and respiratory systems. The Body Code has been instrumental in releasing energies related to fertility and pregnancy difficulties such as morning sickness and pelvic problems. Two clients with fertility issues went on to have children after receiving Body Code treatment.

The System will also indicate any supplements, herbs and foods you need to take in addition to outside needs, including exercise, self-help and other complementary therapies. The Body Code is also used for the Blast Away Your Money Worries Programme. This programme has been instrumental in improving my creativity and abundance through the release of tired scripts that only serve to keep us small and insecure. So if you have been plagued by money worries this is the programme for you.

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Do you want to live a pain-free life? Improve your relationships and the increase the capacity to give and receive love? Do you want to blast away your money worries, improve abundance and free yourself from creative insecurities? Read More.....

Soul Plan Readings

Discovering my Soul Plan has been an extraordinary experience in that it has revealed what I agreed to overcome and achieve in this lifetime. A Soul Plan will provide you with an overview of seven different areas of your life from worldy and spiritual perspectives. You will receive information about your health, relationships and possible career choices, along with self-help tools and Bach Flower Essences. The intention behind a Soul Plan is to offer you a deeper understanding of who you really are and what you came to do in this reality. It will highlight the challenges you need to master in order to maximise your talents, realise your goals and live out your soul destiny.

So if you have a nagging feeling that you have a purpose to fulfill, get in touch.

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Do you know the purpose of your life? Do you find yourself searching for a meaning to your existence? Do you sense there is more to your life than your current experience? Read more.....


My work as a Reiki Practitioner is aimed at bringing you into alignment and balance, in other words back to your natural state of being. Reiki promotes a greater flow of energy through the Meridians and chakras within our bodies. Reiki can support your body to heal itself naturally, reduce the intensity and occurrence of stress and anxiety, and generally bring about a calm, centered state. I am passionate about the Chakra system and Chakra balancing and often use crystals and healing stones along the seven main energy centres of your body when required. This can have a profound effect on how you live your life as it links the lower energies of survival, creativity and personal power to the higher energies of spirituality, intuition and communication through the heart.

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Would you like to: release blocks to improve your life force energy? feel more relaxed? de-stressed? connected? Read More.....

"My son was very relaxed during the time of Reiki. He has seemed very well in himself since" - (Distance Reiki session. (Parent commenting on her disabled son's experience. JF Cashalton. UK)

The beauty of all my services is that you can enjoy them in your own home via Skype or through distance healing, whatever works for you.

If you are interested in taking a fascinating and diverse journey towards wholeness please read more about the services on offer and get in touch

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"I have seen Maria for 2 years now, at least every 2 weeks. We started when I could barely cope with my people-pleasing tendencies and volunteering for all possible organisations, I felt unconnected, not understood and lost, Mentors and inspirations come to us when we are ready. Maria is gentle yet strong, her abilities are outstanding, like her empathy and intuitive knowledge. I enjoy the most how inspired and empowered I feel after each session. I read books I would probably never found out about without Maria. Her healing abilities are more than I could have imagined. Thanks to her I can recognise my true self and be brave enough to show my true face to the world. I am enjoying this process. She is talented in many areas like Emotion/Body Code, Reiki, Akashic Records Reading, Soul Plan Readings, various cards including Tarot, Her skill set in Counselling helped me to give her great trust and open my heart. I know deep inside that she is not going to hurt me. I am finding it difficult to stop writing, there is so much more I would like to share, and to say the greatest thank you to Maria for changing my life for the better, I feel so much more now and trust myself. I feel my heart is open wide and at the same time, my boundaries are much stronger. It;s a leap of faith which is worth doing. Her ability to relate (connect energetically) is 100% even though we are from different countries. It just goes to prove that whoever you are, you are maybe struggling, you feel pain, you feel you could be so much more, book a session with Mara, it's as simple as that and start healing.

There is a lot of hope for every one of us" (Client received A Soul Plan Reading, Body Code and Distance Reiki. AB. Jersey)

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