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About Maria

I originally come from Sheffield and moved to London to study when I was 29. From as long as I can remember I have been sensitive to the energy around me and in particular the energies of people. I also remember when I was 10 my great aunt, who couldn't speak well after a stroke, told my mum that I was a good listener. These two aspects of my personality have now been more fully realised in my practice as an energy Psychotherapist.

My interest in Soul Plan Reading, Numerology and Tarot have become a wonderful additions to my work and I think they help to make people's healing experience creative, enjoyable and inspiring.

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A Little History

I started my work journey as a florist, which I did for 15 years until I came to London. After graduating from University I trained as a Counsellor and worked in the field of mental health for a time, then with carers, people with learning disabilities and then with children and young people. I have worked in schools and university as a Counsellor and Psychotherapist before I trained as a Body Code Practitioner, which I originally discovered due to my own health issues which have been resolved using this technique. Since then I have trained as an Executive Coach, Clinical Supervisor, Reiki Master and Teacher and studied Numerology, Soul Plan Reading and Tarot for Healing.

I have and continue to work with people of all ages with a wide range of issues, blending all my approaches to suit the individual.
Energy Therapy is a wide field and I love to learn about the constantly evolving research about the mysterious energetic world we live in and how subtle energies affect our birthright to a fulfilled and joyful life. I am committed to guiding people towards self-healing and many of my clients have gone on to train and run their own counselling and healing businesses.

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