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My Story

For as long as I can remember it has been difficult for me to 'fit in', I know this is not a unique experience of course, however, I believe that we all take different action to quell the panic, anxiety and loneliness that often accompanies the 'outsider' malady, mine was to educate myself, but no amount of certificates helped.

Signs often come in ways we never expect and at a time when we are just getting on with life, I guess this is when we are in a mode of receiving, a space where we are not trying hard to figure things out. In 2012 I received a sign that changed my life.

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A Little History

When I was 16 years old I worked as a florist and over time the cold conditions and cramped working space took its toll and I developed neck and shoulder pain. Being young and giving little thought to my health I tried to ignore it and probably made it worse with a rigid exercise routine and poor nutrition. In my 20's and 30's the pain increased, but as my pain threshold grew, so did my denial that something was clearly wrong.

Eventually, I tried massage, psychotherapy and accupuncture, all of which I believe helped me in some ways, but the pain continued and my stress levels increased. Eventually, when I couldn't turn my head without experiencing intolerable stabbing pains I relented and had a scan. Result: Chronic Spondulosis. Treatment: "You'll just have to put up with it" or a risky operation, and painkillers. Along the way, I had developed an interest in alternative medicine, essential oils and herbs and engaged in a regular yoga practice so it seemed a natural progression to seek out help from the world of complementary medicine. I made a decision to avoid pain killers and my resolve to heal naturally grew and grew.

A Miracle

The universe acted quickly on my intention and the solution to my pain found me rather than the other way round. MY brother introduced me to a book called 'The Emotion Code' an approach that preceded the The Body Code, a system of healing devised by Dr Bradley Nelson. Having learned the system himself, he offered to treat me at a distance using the Body Code. This involved him acting on my behalf, using muscle testing (kenesiology) to identify energy blocks, then releasing them by rolling Nikken Magnets down his spine (or Governing Meridian). During the following months I learned a great deal about my ancestors and inherited energy blocks, I discovered layers of trapped emotions and traumas that had eluded me. The Body Code revealed an energetic Heart Wall 8 miles thick that had been preventing me from giving and receiving love plus I had many energy cord, curses and saboteurs; I was surprised I had made it this far.

I soon began to feel the benefits and recognised that I needed to work on myself in addition to the help I was receiving. So having familiarised myself with the 'Emotion Code' I bought some magnets and began releasing the energy for myself. I was hooked.

After a few months of dedicated practice I finally felt complete relief and in the process, I had discovered my passion for Energy Therapy.

The Next Steps to further healing

Of course, I wanted to know more and find out how I could help others so I trained and became certified in The Emotion Code and The Body Code including the Blast Away your Money Worries. After training in this discipline I discovered other approaches to healing that I felt would compliment the Body Code and my original practice of psychotherapy. It was then that I trained in TFT (Thought Field Therapy) and Reiki levels 1, 2 and Master Practitioner/Training level

And Now...

Since then I have been working with people of all ages with a wide range of issues, blending the above approaches to suit the individual.
Energy Therapy is a wide field and I am continually learning about the energetic world we live in and how subtle energies affect our birthright to a fulfilled and joyful life. I am committed to guiding people towards self-healing and in fact, some of my clients have gone on to train and run their own business in The Emotion Code/Body Code as a result of their experiences.

My personal experiences of combining the various healing approaches mentioned above have resulted in successful treatment of long term Candida infections, migraine headaches, neck and shoulder pain, neuralgia, general aches and pains and more recently symptoms related to the Menopause or what I like to call 'The Second Spring'. I treat myself with the Body Code every day and with regular Reiki practice I can keep minor issues from developing in frequency and intensity. Healing is an ongoing journey, while ever we are on Earth we will need some form of relief from energies that we no longer require.

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