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Soul Plan Readings

"Maria completed my Soul Plan which was revelatory, to say the least, and has given us both an incredible insight into my purpose on the planet and the difficulties that are mine to encounter in life. My understanding and awareness of my Soul Plan grows over time and is highly useful in accessing on a regular basis. Maria often has a greater understanding of me as a result of this work and is therefore brilliantly placed to help me address life in relation to it" (Simon. SE London. UK)

When I discovered the work of Blue Marsden I immediately felt at home, as I began to connect with information and knowledge through numbers and symbols that felt natural and made sense to me. Once I had revealed my own Soul Plan and experienced the power of its activation, I felt compelled to share this with as many people as possible, firstly my family and friends and then my clients.

The Soul Plan revealed that the aim of my Wordly Goals and Soul Destiny (numbers 12:3) is (amongst other things) to gather information, share it with love and nurture people in the process (quite a feat!). This made total sense to me, however, my wordly challenges are also 12:3 so achieving my goals and living my Soul Destiny have been somewhat testing. The spiritual side of my plan reveals the same patterns, but with different numbers. In short, this incarnation involves me learning through opposites, which is considered to be a tough call. This would have been the case had I not discovered my Soul Plan and the additional information that has helped me to understand and heal the challenges that have affected my health, relationships, ability to learn and embrace abundance. Working with my Soul Plan in conjunction with the Body Code has been crucial in identifying and releasing specific energy blocks.

I have found that after discovering and working with their own Soul Plan, clients are keen (with consent) to find out the Soul Plans of certain family members. This can certainly help to develop a deeper understanding of how we relate to our nearest and dearest, in addition to revealing shared ad conflicting energies. I have known couples in conflict come together with a renewed commitment after a Soul Plan reading, 2 couples in crisis actually went on to marry.

Soul Plans for your children are useful, especially as parents tend to blame themselves for certain behaviour traits when all along their children are living the plan chosen by their Soul before birth. Don’t get me wrong parenting style is very important as challenges in the Soul Plan can play out in varying ways depending on the love, encouragement and opportunities we are exposed to in life. It’s just important to remember that other energies are at play in addition to your human parent input. Children come through us, they don't belong to us.

People often ask me whether they have a ‘bad’ soul plan or whether people of the same name have the same Soul Plan, the answer to that is “no and no”. If you have a name then you have challenges, talents, goals and a purpose for being here. Every Soul Plan is unique even if you have the same numbers in the same positions as someone else because you will have been raised by different people, lived in different parts of the world and been exposed to a variety of experiences. Although we are all part of a bigger whole we are all totally unique; we wanted to know what it would be like to incarnate as separate beings, to learn the lessons, live out the joy and abundance through our talents and Soul Destiny and project this back to Source energy/the universe.

Soul Plan Reading. Soul Plan Bull

A Soul Plan is a new interpretation of an ancient system of life purpose analysis originally channelled by the late Frank Alper and updated and expanded by Blu Marsden. It is a wonderful way to discover more about yourself and life from a much broader perspective, revealing information that can lead to greater freedom, deeper connections with yourself and others, career satisfaction, improved health and life purpose activation.

A Soul Plan is based on the vibration and intention behind the name you were given at birth, the combination of which determines your whole ‘Soul Plan.’ Names other than your birth name will reveal your overlay Soul Plan. The vibration of this plan influences, but does not replace your original soul plan.

The revelation of your Soul Plan activate memories of what you already know, but have forgotten as part of your plan to incarnate as a human on Earth, as you begin to align with what you planned in this lifetime your true nature will reveal itself to you as you gain more clarity about the direction of your life. If you are interested in understanding yourself at a deeper level and want to access information that can set you on your chosen journey a Soul Plan is for you.

An individual reading we will be accessing and studying your life in terms of lessons and challenges to overcome, your talents and goals and overall Soul Destiny/Life Purpose. The activation of your Soul Plan alone is enough to set in motion change as you receive confirmation and an in-depth understanding of your what you have long suspected to be your talents, goals and Soul Destiny.

During a reading, I will offer you information on how to overcome challenges including self-help methods and a Bach Flower Remedy which I can make for you. When you have had a reading it is common to experience great shifts in your life, this can be further enhanced using the Body Code to target trapped energies that have contributed to keeping you locked into your challenges.

Soul Plan Readings for Business

A Soul Plan reading can be very beneficial to establish how your chosen name is affecting business. even a slight change in a name can change the vibration to reach a more favourable plan.

Cost: Basic Soul Plan £25(via email)
Detailed Soul Plan £55 (via email)
Soul Plan Consultation £75 (in person/Skype

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